Madeleine & Salomon – Eastern Spring – Vocalist, flutist, improviser, songwriter in Madeleine & Salomon, the duo with the pianist Alexandre Saada, whose second album Eastern spring is a tribute to the oriental and militant pop music of the 60s and 70s. Ranked among the top 10 albums of 2022 by Télérama and the 40 albums of 2022 by Jazz Magazine et Jazz News. Produced with the support from CNM, ADAMI, SPPF and CNC.

Folodja – Vocalist, flutist, improviser, songwriter in Folodja, a Franco-Burkinabè quintet interpreting Burkinabè blues song with Boubacar Djiga (N’goni), Kanazoe (balafon, percussion, vocals), Achille Nacoulma (baderie, percussion, vocals), Clotilde Rullaud (vocals, flute) et Abdoulaye Traoré (guitars). Produced with the support from the SACEM and CNM.


2022 – 2021:

XXY – Producer, artistic director, video artist, vocalist, flutist. Polyphonic poetry for five musicians, five dancers, and one film; an extension of Clotilde’s reflections on the Feminine. In this project, she invokes a shifting of the gaze with a view to deconstructing the system of gender-related oppressions in favor of a human ideal existing fully in the fluidity of its polarities: the feminine and the masculine. Produced with the support from the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, the Île de France region, the Ile de France Cultural Office, the Val-de-Marne Department, the Paris Cultural Office, the Royaumont Foundation, the Théâtre de Vanves, Le Comptoir in Fontenay, and the National Choreography Center in Créteil.



Djafolo – Vocalist, flutist, co-composer and co-author. French-Burkinè quintet that tells stories in French, Dioula and English, drawing their roots from the tradition of West African music and stretching their branches towards contemporary music. With Hotian Dembele (compositions, bass, balafon, percussion, voice), Achille Nacoulma (compositions, drums, percussion, voice), Mohamed Sanou (compositions, keyboards, n’goni, percussion, voice). Produced with the support from the National Music Centre.



Kanfigué – Vocalist, flutist, arranger. Burkinè-Swiss-French encounter with Arouna Coulibaly (cora, backing vocals, composition), Mariam L. Palé (voice, composition), Claude Jordan (flute, Fx, arrangements) and Clotilde Rullaud (voice, flute, arrangements). Produced with the support from the SACEM.



Pieces of a song – Vocalist, flutist, author. Duo with the New York pianist Chris McCarthy; a repertoire of original compositions woven from the rage and ecstasy of the texts of the Beat Generation poet, Diane di Prima. Produced with the support from the French American Jazz Exchange. 



Sankolé – Burkinè-Algerian-French encounter with Amina Mezzache (flute, voice), Sylvain Dando Paré (Bass), Koto Brawa (drum, percussions), Achille Nacoulma (drum, percussions). Produced with the support from the Spedidam.


2021 – 2018:

XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ] – Writer, director, editor, co-composer, arranger, musician and vocalist. Experimental filmed work that tackles the question of femininities in an open, poetic way, combining dance, music, song, and the visual arts. Shown in over thirty festivals worldwide, XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ] has received five awards and nominations. Produced with the support from the Secretariat of Women’s Rights, the SACEM, and the SPEDIDAM.



[CHAIR_S] of the choregrapher Gilles Viandier, Empat of the choregrapher Kadek Puspasari, Infinun·e | octuor of the choregrapher Fanny Vignals, In Fluence de la chorégraphe Efi Farmaki – Vocalist and flutist. Creations within the framework of the PROTOTYPE V, program of the Royaumont Foundation.



Madeleine & Salomon – A Woman’s Journey – Singer, flutist, co-arranger. First album of the duo Madeleine & Salomon with the pianist Alexandre Saada; a vibrant homage to the American women “protest singers.” The album received sixteen awards, six of which were for the best album (in France and the USA). On stage, the collection of songs is enriched by the projection of dreamlike film sequences. Produced with the support from the FCM.



WE FREE by Alexandre Saada – Vocalist. Singular project of the composer and pianist Alexandre Saada, who gathered 30 musicians in a Parisian studio for 5 hours of free improvisation



Lofi Improvisation – Vocalist, improviser, songwriter. Duo drum and voice by Percival Roman and Clotilde Rullaud. Completely ‘organic’ with no effect but the one produced by our hands, sticks, brushes and vocal cords. Recorded in live conditions

Ligne d’éconduite – Singer. Duo with Emmanuel Bex (piano, organ).

Elle a Dansé dans Mon Rêve by Reza Madani – Storyteller. Multidisciplinary show by santour player Reza Madani around Iranian music and poetry.



Fleurs Invincibles / Invincible Flowers – Vocalist. A bilingual project of original sound tracks from Tristan Macé on texts of American poets of the Beat Generation and French black poets of the 40-50’s. First version with Emmanuel Bex (piano/organ), Yann Cléry (flutes), Laurent Salzard (bass), Gautier Garrigue (drum), Tristan Macé (bandoneon et compositions). Second version with Anne-Lise Clément (bass clarinette), Yann Cléry (flutes), Albin Lebossé (horn), Tristan Macé (compositions), Laurent Salzard (bass), Cyril Hernandez (percussions).

La complainte de la Tour Eiffel – Singer. Nicolas Rageau’s project to turn into jazz, Cora Vaucaire’s repertoire. With Alain Jean-Marie (piano), Philippe Soirat (drums), Nicolas Rageau (double bass).



Le diable a froid – Vocalist. Contemporary jazz trio inspired by Dada music. With Albin Lebossé (horn) and Tristan Macé (bandoneon and compositions).



In Extremis – Singer, flutist, songwriter. First album as composer, a quartet without bass with Olivier Hutman on the piano, Dano Haider on the seven-string guitar, and Antoine Paganotti on drums. An eclectic overlaying of textures and materials, evocative of surrealist collages, yet rooted in Clotilde’s influences: jazz, classical, world pop, and improvisation. Ranked among the top five albums of 2011 by The Sunday Times (UK) and 2013 by the NPR Annual Jazz Critics Poll (USA)—debut album categoryProduced with the support from ADAMI and SPPF.



Live au 7 Lézards – Singer. Live album of covers of pop and jazz songs in a duo with the guitarist, Hugo Lippi. Jazz Magazine called the album a “little marvel […] riskily youthful, spontaneous, free…”. Produced with the support from Paris city hall.


2021 – 2006:

La petite mortCorneillele musée des confluences … – Dubbing actress for TV movies and voice-overs for documentaries, animated films, podcasts.


2011 – 2004:

Jean-Daniel Botta, Léonore BoulangerPhillipe Crab, Mr. Lobster – Flutist for French songs and electronic music albums.



Solenne – Voice-over actress. Radio fiction recorded by ENS Louis Lumière at Radio France. Selected for the Festival Longueur d’Ondes 2005 in Brest

Erasm Museum, Sentier des Halles, Paris – Actress in an original creation by Luis Tamayo.


2012 – 2002:

Sur la Route des Tziganes & Mr Jazz – Actor-storyteller, singer and co-author. Multidisciplinary family shows for seven performers, in which Clotilde sang, narrated, and danced.


2003 – 2002:

Ritual Song – Mezzo singer. Gospel Choir.




2023 – 2018:

ADEM (Ateliers d’Ethno-Musicologie), Geneva – Teacher. Transmission centered around world singing practices and choirs coaching.


2023 – 2012:

Masterclass / Workshops /  Cultural actions, world, Cultural actions (workshops to discover the voice as an identity signature, creation of a repertoire of music and lyrics, creation of a show, collection of words, conference) with school audiences (middle school, high school) and with inaccessible audiences (young inmates in prisons, women in great difficulty, the elderly), with festival programs such as festival Banlieue Bleue in Seine Saint-Denis, Festival de Mars in Chartres, festival Les Suds en Hiver in Arles, or through her creations with Le Comptoir in Fontenay, the théâtre de Vanves, les Petits Riens in Paris 19eme, the Université Popul’air de la Musique of the 18ème arrondissement in Paris.

Workshop teacher for all public during the festival “les Suds à Arles” with an audience of amateurs and professionals of the music.

During her tours or creation residencies abroad, the hosts workshops for audiences of amateurs, professionals of the music or inaccessible audiences, in partnership with Alliances Françaises, Instituts Français, or festivals, such as the Jazz Festival in Taiwan, the Jazz Festival in Perth in Australia, or local cultural centres and organizations. In 2020, in Burkina Faso, she takes part in the Ainsi en 2020, au Burkina-Faso, she participated in the training in vocal technique of a 100% female orchestra : Les Colombes de Sya, formed by the Centre Culturel Les Bambous. In the US, for several years, she has been a regular speaker at workshops and roundtables for professionals in partnership with the Paris Chicago Cabaret Connexion.


2023 – 2007:  

Glotte-Trotters, research and vocal education center Martina A. Catella, Paris – Teacher. Singing school specialized in world singing practices.


2019 – 2012:

Jazz à Tours, Tours – Occasional trainer in vocal techniques in the field of contemporary music.



Centre des musiques Didier Lockwood, Dammarie-Les-Lys – Occasional trainer in vocal techniques and Jazz singing.


2004 – 2003:

Service Jeunesse de la Mairie de Chalette Sur Loing“ La caravane des quartiers ”- Host with children about around the writing, the word, the word, the song.



Places : New-Morning, Duc des Lombards, Sunset-Sunside in Paris, La Dynamo, Jazz sous les Pommiers, le Triton, l’Ermitage, Le Moulin jazz-Charlie free (France) ; East Shore Jazz Club, DuskDawn Club, JZ Club (China) ; B-Flat in Berlin (DE); Brisbane Jazz Club, Melbourne Recital Center (Australia), Pizza-Express in London (UK) ; the Forge (UK), L’inouï (LU), Drom (US), Lilypad (US), BlackBox Theater (US)

Festivals : Jazz sous les Pommiers, Jazz à Vienne, Banlieues Bleues, Les Suds in Arles, Festival d’Avignon, Festival de Malguénac, Jazz à Sète, Crest Jazz Festival, Les couleurs du Jazz, Jazz de Mars, Festival jazz de Champs sur Marne, Jazz à St Germain des Prés, Les Enchanteuses in Les Lilas (France), the Brisbane International Festival and the American Songbook festival in Melbourne (Australia), the Guangzhou International Festival and the Shenzhen Oct-loft international Festival (China), Jazz in Seoul (South Korea), Shibuya Festival in Tokyo (Japan), Festival In’Jazz in Rotterdam (the Netherlands)




Vocal Power, Elisabeth Howard, Los Angeles: Vocal Power Certification

2019 – 2005:

Masterclass of Steve Coleman, Florence Comment, Marc Copland, Issouf Diarra, Marc Ducret, Elisabeth Howard, Constantin Lacatus, Dave Liebman, David Linx, Meredith Monk, William Parker, Sandra Rumolino.

2008 – 2007:

Glotte-Trotters, Martina A. Catella, Paris – World singing techniques course

2006 – 2005 :

EDIM, Cachan – Préparation DEM Jazz. Certificat FNEIJMA. Teaching members: Laurent Coq, Vincent Jacqz, Patrick Fradet, Eric Schultz

2005 – 2003:

Romano Atmo by Petzia Iourtchenko, Paris – Gyspsy dance course

Atelier du Soubassement, Paris – Acting, storytelling and improvisation with Luis Tamayo

2002 – 2000:

IACP, Paris – Vocal Jazz course with Sarah Lazarus and Viviane Ginappé. Orchestra class with Pascal Brechet as flutist and with Lionel Belmondo

1995 – 1989:

Conservatoire régional, Saint Germain en Laye – Flute with Luc Urbain, FM, classical singing.

1989 – 1983:

Conservatoire municipal, Montesson Laborde – Flute with Luc Donnadieu, FM