Sur la route des Tziganes

Sur la route des Tziganes

By Gilles Avisse – Journalist at Paris mômes


“The moving story of a people around the world. ‘A long time ago, in a region of northern India, there lived a clan that would later be called the Gypsies’. These words, whispered from the downstage by a storyteller with an enchanting voice and a magnetic gaze are the starting point for a magical tale and a fantastic epic around the world. While the dresses twirl and the hands of the two dancers clap to the sound of the joyful or plaintive chords of the five musicians of the group O’djila, the moving story of a whole people in perpetual exodus is played out before our eyes.”

“She comes in her furbelow of many colors and the recounts, in the form of a tale, the long journey that led the Gypses from North India to Russia, from the Balkans to Andalusia. She is not alone: a dancer and a group of five musicians accompany her. Actual dancers and musicians here, as the group O’djila composed beautiful ballads and songs pour this rhythmic and funny show, with no down-time, and which does not take children for fools.”

Le Nouvel Obs. - Olivier Bailly

“This musical epic appeals to all ages. Whether it is a Flamenco rhythm of a gyspy jazz, the guitarist knows what he is doing, the dancer lives the music, and we are out of this world. Fifty minutes of happiness guaranteed. My only advice, bring something to nail you to the chair, it's hard not to move.”

France Bleu Vaucluse

“Along the clouds, they are following the path of the Gypsies, and that of their musical wealth, through the wonderful love story between Shaban, prince of Caravans and Lluba, the Tsar’s daughter. From India to Andalusia, from eastern dances to the intense moves of flamenco, from Manouche chants to gypsy litanies, a magical epic carried on the shimmering rainbow of scarfs of a dancer and a storyteller, to the rhythm of the energetic sounds of the group O'djila.”

Vaucluse matin

“This musical tale turns out to be an exciting way to discover a world where we drawn melancholy under dance and celebration. This show overflows of joie de vivre! No wonder we leave the show with some indelible stains of good mood!”

“This show enchanted me with its cheerful music, its bright colors of floral dresses, its lively body expressions, and its story, between dream and reality. It amazed me with its ethnological richness and the variety of means of expression used ... A short moment of joy that gives energy and happiness for the whole day. " - Elena Salvatori

Based on an original idea of Jean-Baptiste laya

Writers : Jean-Baptiste Laya, Clotilde Rullaud et Claude Astier

Stage direction : Luis Tamayo

Dance : Valentina Casula et Clotilde Rullaud

Storytelling : Clotilde Rullaud

Musicians :  O’DJILA : Jean-Baptiste Laya (guitar), Laurent Le Gall (double-bass), Djani Pervan (percussion) et Djordje Knezevic (rythm guitar), Dusan Vranic (singing)

Costumes : Sania Dzeba

Lights creation : Roland Glasser

Sound engineer : Zakariyya Cammoun


Photo credits : Émilie Bloch, Guillaume Milochau


Scenic references : Festival Les Pestacles du Parc Floral in Paris, Festival d’Avignon, Festival Rio Loco in Toulouse, Festival les Arts Nomades in Mayenne, Festival les couleurs du Jazz in Corbeille Essonne, Festival Les Pipots in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Polymusicales de Bollène, Festival de Châtelaillon-Plage, Festival de Marne Cité de la musique in Paris, Le Carré in Sainte-Maxime, Centre culturel Albert Camus in Issoudum, Théâtre de l’aventure in Ermont,  Salle Jacques Brel in Champs sur Marne, Le Cap à Aulnay-Sous-Bois, La Cigalière in Bollène, Théâtre de Vichy, Centre culturel of Trith-St-Léger, Auditorium Maurice Ravel in Levallois-Perret, Le Tamanoir in Gennevilliers, Auditorium F. Pelletier in Châlons-en-Champagne, Le 20ème Théâtre in Paris, Le Cap in Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Scène Delta du Parc Floral in Paris