In studio

Folodja - In creation

French-Burkinese quintet which tells stories in French, in Dyoula and in English, that draw their roots in the tradition of West African music and stretch their branches towards that of French song and contemporary music

Pieces of a song by Clotilde and Chris McCarthy - In creation

A repertoire of dark and beautiful original pieces in French and in English infused with the writings of the idiosyncratic Beat Generation poetess Diane di Prima

Eastern Spring - 2022

One voice, one piano is all that minimalist French outfit Madeleine & Salomon need to create their hypnotic version of Ma Fatsh Leah, the single from their second album, Eastern Spring, which covers a choice selection from the repertoire of ‘60s/’70s Mediterranean folk-pop

XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌi] - 2018

Soundtrack of the film XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ], between diabolical rhyme, chorus of voices and incantation, on echoes of trumpet, oud, piano, brass instruments or didgeridoo

A woman’s journey by Madeleine & Salomon - 2016

Epic and libertarian duo that spiritedly embraces the American feminist repertoire and covers it with a benevolent love tinged with minimal music and low, incandescent voices

WE FREE by Alexandre Saada - 2016

Original project by Alexandre Saada, who gathered 30 musicians in a Parisian studio fo 5 hours of free improvisation

In Extremis - 2011

An atypical jazz album that mixes tradition and sounds from abroad, and where Jazz standards are mixed up with Gainsbourg's, V. De Moraes' and Sting's songs

Live au 7 Lézards - 2007

Alongside Hugo Lippi’s guitar, Clotilde covers with accuracy, a touch of sensuality and chearfulness jazz standards, bossa nova and pop songs