Eastern Spring by Madeleine & Salomon

Eastern Spring by Madeleine & Salomon


One voice, one piano is all that minimalist French outfit Madeleine & Salomon need to create their hypnotic version of Ma Fatsh Leah, the single from their second album, Eastern Spring, which covers a choice selection from the repertoire of ‘60s/’70s Mediterranean folk-pop. Clotilde’s melancholic voice tells of a young woman tortured by the interminable wait for her lover in the emancipated Cairo of the 1970s, while the bewitching piano of Alexandre Saada conjures the buzz of a restless city that feeds the sweet madness of her hope, and ours with it. As soon as we have reached the end of this interior journey, we have but one desire: to start all over again.


Following their first opus A Woman’s Journey – a homage to militant American songstresses from Nina Simone to Janis Joplin – with one voice and one piano overlaid with daring effects, Eastern Spring sees them tackle the vibrating repertoire of ‘60s/’70s Mediterranean folk-pop music from Beirut (Bendaly Family), to Istanbul (Selda Bagcan), Rabat (Les Frères Mégri), Tel Aviv (Shalom Hanoch) or Cairo (Al Massrieen).

Back in time, an unprecedented wind of emancipation and freedom was blowing up on the Youth around the world. In the Mediterranean region it led to a very new musical movement – often called “the golden age” – during which young musicians in their compositions, interspersed traditional influences and western psyche-rock electric and audacious experimental sounds. Torn between two worlds, these songs naturally vibrated with the duo Madeleine & Salomon. The band name is actually the collage of our middle names, telling a lot about the central influence of the Mediterranean bay in Europe and in our own roots, culture and identity. This album is also the opportunity for them to highlight what this part of the globe is going through today in comparison, and the hopes and doubts it awakens in each of us.

"These twin hearts beat so strongly and burn with such passion for the East, it’s impossible not to adore this jewel of a record.”

Télérama - TTTT & Grands Crus 2022 - Louis-Julien Nicolaou

"A unique, strong, emotional album that leaves no one indifferent"

France Musique - BEST OF 2022 - Open Jazz - Alex Dutilh

“Impressionist poetry. (…) An essential record in this time of war and repression committed against people daring to demand a freer society.”

FIP - Catherine Carette

“A waking dream, fragile and intimate. A great success!”


"A voice, a piano and lots and lots of emotion. Where does it come from? The sincerity of the voice of Clotilde Rullaud (Madeleine) and piano of Alexandre Saada (Salomon). But also new repertoire, consisting of oriental pop songs from the 60s and 70s. Translated, restored and revived by the duo, they give off a very pure breath to make the driest Arabian desert cry."

Télérama Sortir - TTTT - Louis-Julien Nicolaou

"The great comeback of the french duo who blew us away in 2016"

France Musique - BanZZaï - BEST OF 2022 - Nathalie Piolé

“This beautiful and deeply human record will be one of this year’s must-haves, that’s for sure.”

Citizen Jazz - SELECTED! & BEST OF 2022 - Denis Desassis

“A remarkable achievement.”

Jazz News - A MUST-HAVE & BEST OF 2022 - Pierre Tenne

"With their powerfully crafted voices and impressive piano playing, they bring back songs, themes and hits from Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel and address them to our unconditioned ears. For there is nothing more beautiful than listening to Matar Naem, a poem by the immensely talented Mahmoud Darwich, a protest anthem by the group Ferkat Al-Ard, which this unique duo finally makes available to the whole world."

Jazz Magazine - **** & BEST OF 2022 - Guy Darol

"A magnificent constellation!"

France Culture - Par les temps qui courent - Marie Richeux

"The duo returns with a superb album, variations on a repertoire from the Mediterranean basin. […] An art of dialogue, a great deal of freedom."

Politis - Pauline Guedj

"Anyone who doesn't have goosebumps listening to Clotilde Rullaud's warm, inhabited voice or Alexandre Saada's melodic piano under tension should raise their finger!"

Citizen Jazz - SELECTED! - Denis Desassis

“There’s the same fervor in both the voice and the piano, which underpins the text with a driving subtlety.”

Mediapart - Jean-Jacques Birgé

"When you walk into a Madeleine & Salomon album, there are dreams stuck to your shoes. […] A magnificent extension and a declaration of love to a music of worldwide inspiration. If your your heart isn't pounding after this, you're missing organs."

SunShip – Franpi

"Remarkable and lovely!"

Jubilation Jazz - Valley Free Radio WXOJ-LP (USA) - Ken Irwin

"Madeleine & Salomon, the duo that illuminates the oriental pop of the 1960s and 1970s. In their masterful album 'Eastern Spring' […] politics, eroticism… everything vibrates, carried by a powerful emotion."

Télérama - TTTT - Louis-Julien Nicolaou

"Eastern spring is spring, an oriental spring of revolution that refers to all those springs that led to calamitous autumns with a Mediterranean repertoire from the 60s and 70s, recoloured by the piano-voice duo Madeleine and Salomon."

RFI - Musiques du monde - Laurence Aloir

Clotilde Rullaud: Vocals, flute on tracks 5 and 6

Alexandre Saada: Piano, vocals on tracks 2, 6, 8

Jean-Paul Gonnod: Fx on tracks 4, 5, 6, 8, 9

All arrangements: Madeleine & Salomon

Recorded by Jean-Paul Gonnod at Studio Gil Evans / Label Bleu, Amiens – February, 21st and 22nd 2022

Mixed and mastered by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound Studio, NYC – May 2022

Artwork: Bérangère Lallemant

Photo: Alexandre Saada assisted by Louise Gaillard

Video: Marion Auvin

All translation and adaptation of the lyrics but on tracks 4 and 9 : Madeleine & Salomon
English lyrics consultant: Roland Glasser 

© and ℗ Madeleine & Salomon and Tzig’Art – 2022

UPC : 3760061229303

Catalog number : TZIG220930

Crédits Photos : Jean-Luc MARTIN, Jean-Pierre DEGAS, RFI

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