SINOPLE by gilles viandier - 2022

Created and choreographed by Gilles Viandier. Music by Clotilde

XXY - 2021

XXY, a polyphonic poetry with 5 musicians, 5 dancers and 1 film, is the result of Clotilde’s reflections on the feminine, taking a holistic approach and using multiple media, including music, dance, and images.

[CHAIR_S] by Gilles Viandier - 2018

Created by Gilles Viandier. Choreography : Gilles Viandier and Composition : Alberto Carretero Aguado

Empat by Kadek Puspasari - 2018

Created by Kadek Puspasari. Choreography : Kadek Puspasari and musical Composition : Alberto Carretero

Infinun·e | octuor by Fanny Vignals - 2018

Created by Fanny Vignals. Direction artistique et chorégraphie : Fanny Vignals. Composition et direction musicale : Alberto Carretero

In Fluence by Efi Farmaki - 2018

Created by Efi Farmaki. Choreography : Efi Farmaki - Sound installation: Alessandro Perini

Mr Jazz - 2004

The story of Mr Jazz, from the banks of the Mississippi to the conquest of the world.

Sur la route des Tziganes - 2001

She comes in her furbelow of many colors and the recounts, in the form of a tale, the long journey that led the Gypses from North India to Andalusia. She is not alone: a dancer and a group of five musicians accompany her