Mr Jazz

Mr Jazz

“It all began on a ship between Africa and New America, with a pregnant woman on board, destined to be sold to a cotton farm. The night she arrived, she gave birth to a boy. Exhausted by the terrible journey she endured, she died after giving birth. With a final sigh, she had time to whisper “Jazz”…”


And so began Mr Jazz’s story. carries by the live music of a jazz quartet and brought to life by sometimes tribal, sometimes modern dance moves by a Gnawa dancer, this musical tale will take children and adults to the discovery of Jazz, from its birth in the cotton fields to its emancipation in the “free”.

Writers : Clotilde Rullaud and Jean-Baptiste Laya

Saxophones and flute : Sophie Alour

Guitar : Jean-Baptiste Laya

Double-basse : Jean-Daniel Botta

Drum : Frank Filosa

Storytelling dan singing : Clotilde Rullaud

Dance : Abderr

Scenic references : Festival les couleurs du Jazz in Corbeille Essonne, Salle Jacques Brel in Champs sur Marne, Le Hangar in Chalette-Sur-Loing