Kananayé’s story begins in Bobo-Dioulasso in 2019 during the Badara festival. A first time in Burkina-Faso for the singer and flutist Clotilde Rullaud and an obvious musical encounter, as it sometimes happens, with the drummer Achille Nacoulma and the guitarist Abdoulaye Traoré, shining stars of the Burkinabè music scene. Later joined by Kanazoé on the balafon and Boubacar Djiga on the n’goni, the artistic combination was perfect and the team too well assorted not to give life – in the cozy warmth of Bobo’s studios – to a musical hydra with 5 heads, a collectively written album at the crossroads of multiple artistic universes. Combining slam with songs in French, Dioula, Moré, and English, riding the wave of improvisation guided by the compass of West African traditional music, Kananayé travels between Paris and Bobo telling today’s life stories, sliding down the Blues’ path, sailing the Afro-American shores, to ultimately deliver a very modern music, driven by a beautiful complicity and the joy of playing together.
“Kananayé” as they say in the streets of Bobo: It’s not easy, but it’s gonna be alright.


Kanazoé : balafon, percussion, vocal

Clotilde Rullaud : vocal, flute

Abdoulaye Traoré : guitar

Boubacar Djiga : N’goni

Achille Nacoulma : drum, percussion, vocal