Early 2019, the drummer Achille Nacoulma, the cream of the musical scene of Bobo-Dioulasso,  Abdoulaye Traoré, internationally renowned guitarist from Burkina Faso and the French singer and flute player Clotilde met when she was playing for the first time at the BADARA festival in Bobo-Dioulasso.


The idea of a musical collaboration has been on their minds ever since. All that was left was to find the right musicians to complete this trio and the opportunity to get together to compose their repertoire.


In January 2022, this collaboration started taking shape when the well-known balafon player Kanazoé joined the band, followed by the unrivaled N’goni player Boubacar Djiga The band FOLODJA is finally complete.


Their songs tell realistic stories in African languages, in English and in French. They are rooted in the musical traditions of West Africa and stretch their branches to those of blues and new music.


Kanazoé : balafon, percussion, voice

Achille Nacoulma : drum, percussion, voice

Clotilde Rullaud : voice, flute

Boubacar Djiga : N’goni

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