"Clotilde Rullaud is one of those artists whose creative path is the natural extension of her existence, and vice versa. A coherent and ultra-sensorial whole. The ear, the life..."

POLITIS (FR) - Lorraine Soliman

“Clotilde Rullaud proves to be a great director on top of being a musician and a video maker. She is versatile, she is a magician.”

ARTS-CHIPELS (FR) - Fabienne Schouler

“Clotilde has an established reputation for working with sounds. Her imagination has always been filled with images and visions. This subject has led her to explore her visual sensitivity through gathering a circle of friends and artists she admires and to whom she has dealt certain cards. The result is a fluid, elegant montage that completes the equilibrium of this profusion of sensations.”

MEDIAPART (FR) - Benjamin Minimum

“Her true purpose: challenging both song and voice in order to reach their full expression.”

JAZZCRITICS (JP) - Obari Toshio

“She seems not to beam her vocalastics through the electronics of a modern microphone, but rather through a gigantic prism that in turn rotates on an imaginary axis, controlled it would appear, by the power of her will. Her sublime vocal gymnastics is refracted as if by magic into a myriad of aural colours.”


"She improvises, sings in a fluttery voice, chirps like a bird and even shouts. She is interested in breaks and collages, and it is in this sense that her music is decidedly modern."

TONSPION (DE) - Udo Raaf

"Rullaud's voice is particularly striking for its intensity and warmth, with an epic style that seems reminiscent of the lessons learned from Nina Simone."

MUSICA JAZZ (IT) - Ivo Franchi

"Clotilde Rullaud, a demanding artist. She brings the universe of jazz to all the music she touches, but with a new requirement, to sharpen the ears of everyone."

JAZZ A PARIS (FR) - Guy Sitruck

"Clotilde Rullaud, a prodigiously talented singer who defies convention."

SUNDAY TIMES (UK) - Clive Davis

"No matter what she sings, what strikes you first is the depth she brings to her work."

FONOFORUM (DE) - Mario Vogt

"The impressive musicality of Clotilde Rullaud's voice plunges us into a universe that moves from softness to screaming."

JAZZ MAGAZINE (FR) - Lionel Eskenazi

"Clotilde Rullaud's voice is both suave and strong, warm and vindictive, when she sings of revolt or despair. She plays with all the pitfalls."

CAUSETTE (FR) - Isabelle Motrot

"Clotilde Rullaud's singing is of an accuracy and depth that only a few have offered us."

FIP (FR) - Laurent Valéro

“She has such great control of the voice and her material that she holds you, fascinated, in the palm of her hand. Rullaud is an extraordinary talent.”


"Clotilde Rullaud's voice, so close, so warm, seems to be close to the listener's ear. The slightest of her nuances, cracks and breaks acquires a very strong dramatic value. "

JAZZ MAGAZINE (FR) - Jean-François Mondot

"A free, sometimes even risky song. She soars to the top without seeming to care about the outcome. And the result is splendid!"


"A variety of intensities and registers at the service of a deep love of the original beauty of the melody. Absolutely compelling."


"One will never completely recover from listening to the voice of Clotilde Rullaud. It is powerful, as tannic as it is full of velvet, with a rare ability to inhabit a range that evokes -obviously- Colette Magny, but also from time to time Catherine Ringer, while remaining totally unique."

SUNSHIP (FR) - Franpi Barriaux

“Her voice is one that comes from afar, simply from the need to sing, like a breath taken directly from the soul."


Art movie XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ]

« XXY [ɛks/ɛks/wʌɪ] by Clotilde is a transgender film; a sensitive, multidisciplinary experiment; an equation with several unknowns; a poetic work open to interpretation that overwhelms the senses and urges reflection. » Médiapart

Interdisciplinary play - XXY

“It is completely raw, intense, violent, crazy sometimes, provocative, and almost hallucinatory from time to time. The images are beautiful, the rhythm fits perfectly with the music and the dancers.” - ARTS-CHIPELS.FR - Fabienne Schouler